MMGM – The Unwanteds: Island of Silence

island of silenceTitle: The Unwanteds: Island of Silence
Author: Lisa McMann
Publisher: Aladdin

From Goodreads: Second book in the phenomenal middle grade dystopian fantasy series, Unwanteds by New York Times bestselling author Lisa McMann.

THE UNWANTEDS Book Two: Island of Silence (from the book jacket)

The battle is over. The magical barrier between the dreary land of Quill and the fantastical world of Artimé is gone. Now residents of both places are free to mingle, but tensions are high. The artistic warriors of Artimé struggle to forgive those in Quill who condemned them to death, while the Quillens attempt to recover from the shock of Artime’s existence, the loss of their leader, and the total collapse of their safe, orderly world.

14-year-old Alex Stowe has recovered from his physical wounds since his death-defying role in Artime’s victory, but his confidence is shattered. He battles self-doubt after Artimé’s beloved mage, Mr. Today, makes a stunning request, which is further complicated by the mysterious arrival of two silent, orange-eyed teenagers.

Meanwhile in Quill, Aaron is devastated by his fall from grace and seething with anger toward his twin brother Alex. Spurred by rage, Aaron recruits a team of Restorers and devises a masterful plan of revenge that will return him to power…if no one gets in his way.

Bestselling author Lisa McMann delivers another trademark page-turner in this second book of The Unwanteds series, as Alex and Aaron’s parallel stories ultimately come together for a shocking climax that will leave readers desperate for more.

Why I recommend this book: Desperate! Yes, this book left me desperate for more! It ended with the worst/best cliffhanger EVER!

Alright, alright. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Do you guys remember how book one left me sort of “just ok” at the end? Well I went into this one with a bit of apprehension and quickly left that behind.

The plot is thick and full of twists and turns. The characters are well rounded even the ones that were completely misguided. Alex grew some back bone which was nice compared to his flailing in book one. Aaron achieved a higher level of evil which made me happy. Lani, Sam and Meg got tested so hard my heart ached.

I truly enjoyed that this book took what I enjoyed the most in the first one (characterization) and took it to the next level.

Now the plot. Ah! almost everyone had an agenda and you don’t know for sure who is playing a double game and who to trust. Everything came together with a bang but at the same time some very important pieces were left scattered, for now, thus my cliffhanger cry.

One more thing: THE UNWANTEDS – ISLAND OF FIRE comes out September 3rd 2013 (I can’t wait!)

You can find more awesome MG features on Shannon Messenger’s blog.

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22 Responses to MMGM – The Unwanteds: Island of Silence

  1. Glad to hear this sequel exceeded your expectations! I always love it when that happens to me, since I’ve definitely experienced a few series that were just okay at first, but then became AMAZING with subsequent books. Hopefully the wait for the next one won’t drive you crazy!

  2. Joanne Fritz says:

    Gosh, that’s fantastic that book two was better than book one! I especially liked your line about the “higher level of evil.” I haven’t read book one yet, so I’d better get on that.

  3. Hiya, Akoss :) You had me at worst/best cliffhanger EVER! I love reading really great, addictive series. I haven’t read the first book in this series yet and will have to go look it up, for sure. It’s rare that you read a book 2 that’s equal to or better than book 1. This is how I felt about Sizanne Collin’s MG series, The Underland Chronicles. Although I didn’t love the last book in the series (which seems to be a theme with her books for me). Looking forward to checking this out!

  4. I really liked book 2 also. Can’t wait to see where this series goes. Thanks for the review.

  5. I’ve read all of McMann’s YA, but haven’t delved in her MG yet. I’d love to read this.

  6. I haven’t read the first one in this series yet- but I do have it on my list to read. I have just added this one right next to it. So glad to hear it is so good!

  7. Nutschell says:

    Yet another book to add to my growing TBR pile! love that cover!

  8. Margo Berendsen says:

    I’m a sucker for any book involving twins. And did you know Victoria Schwab’s book the Archived comes out today? Sooooo excited!

  9. Lisa Gail Green says:

    I love when the second book in a series is better than the first!

  10. Susan says:

    I don’t think I would pick up a second book in a series if I wasn’t thrilled with the first one. You are obviously a more generous person than I am!

  11. Julie Dao says:

    Holy cow, that cover is so beautiful and EPIC. I’ve never heard of this series but I’m going to go look up Book 1 right now.

  12. Kristen Wixted says:

    This sounds like fun. I think it’s great that even though you didn’t love the ending of book one, you sought out book two and loved it!
    Here’s hoping you forget the cliffhanger asap. That’s the only cure for them–memory loss. ;)

  13. Lydia Kang says:

    I have to read this series. It sounds so good!

  14. Vicki Tremper says:

    Wow, what a review and rec! Hard to ignore your passion…

  15. lbdiamond says:

    I haven’t read Lisa McMann’s work. Will definitely have to do so now. :)

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